Samsung Gear Fit2 Review & Buying Guide

Per Samsung, when asked why should we need to suggest Samsung Gear Fit2 in Best Activity Tracker 2017 list for customers, they simply just say a single line, “Fit2 is a comfortable wearable, which falls between a concise best activity tracker and handy smartwatch, comes in affordable price”. Still having some shortcomings, you can consider Fit2 an average mixture of activity tracker and smartwatch. We tried to make a in-depth Samsung Gear Fit 2 review for assisting you to make a right decision for fitness tracker.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Review


  • Prominent sleek design and curved AMOLED display.
  • Smartphone notifications and activity stats on the wrist.
  • Heart rate monitoring and many other activity metrics.
  • Simple screen navigation.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • 4GB internal memory.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Music player operation in Bluetooth headset.

The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches for Exercise


  • Low battery life.
  • Not water proof.
  • Display is not visible in sunlight.
  • Confusing heart rate in intense workout sessions.
  • Not continuous heart rate monitoring.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Key Features

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Key Features
  • Automatically identifies the types of activities.
  • Built-in GPS saves your smart phone battery life.
  • Stylish and lightweight.
  • Receive and reply to smartphone calls, texts, email, and app alert from compatible smart phone on your wrist.
  • Water-resistant.
  • 4-days battery life.
  • Charging with charging dock.
  • 1.5 inch curved touch screen AMOLED display.
  • Optical Heart Rate monitoring.
  • Barometer for weather forecast.
  • Samsung S Health Android App determines the strength of activity.

Samsung Gear Fit2 – Specs

  • Weight: Large – 1.06 ounce, Small – 0.99 ounce.
  • Case: 1.0 × 2.0 inch.
  • Band Length: Large – 4.25 × 3.74 inch, Small – 3.3 × 3.74 inch.
  • Battery types: 200mAh Lithium-ion.
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 days.
  • Display: 1.5-inch AMOLED Touch screen.
  • Processor: Dual Core, 1GHz Exynos 3250.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate, GPS, Barometer.
  • Memory: RAM 512 MB, ROM 4GB.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v4.2, USB 2.0, NFC, Wi-Fi, 802.11.
  • Bullet Point 2

Gear Fit2 – Design & Display

The design of the device has also been changed upon customer review, 1.84 inch curved super AMOLED 432 × 128 display changed into 1.50 inch curved super AMOLED 432 × 216 display, with Gorilla Glass 3 screen making Samsung Gear Fit2 scratch and crack proof.

Gear Fit 2 – Design & Display

First excellency of the Samsung Gear Fit2 is automatically dials up the brightness to 11 for maximum five minutes if you are in acute outdoor mode. Samsung continued their signature button for the smartwatches in the Gear Fit2, like Gear S2 and Gear S3, two navigation button has been put on the side of the Fit2; one for app menu and the other for going to previous menu.

Elastomer watch band of Fit2 is water-resistant up to 1.5 meters for max 30 minute. Like other best activity tracker devices in the market, the Fit2 also comes in two size, large and small, yet there is no difference in sizes, features, display size, resolution or battery except slight 2 grams’ weight. Well, you can choose from black, blue and pink color band finish; can be used for both purpose of fitness tracker and an elegant smartwatch for day long wear.

The watchband can be put off easily and the fastening system is also made easy through a button. The strap does not begin to be grimy or messy. Meanwhile the curved display sets snugly in between the bones of your wrist and won’t be loosed unless you rubbed it harshly

The screen is designed to be on when you are looking at it or to be off when you looked away from the screen. Though the screen is supposed to response while you are looking at it or not, the screen does not turn on when you look at it. Turns off is okay, it will do that when you take off your eyes from the screen. You will need to push side buttons of the device.

Swiping right will show you the notification screen managing; choosing to read it, clear it or clear all. Swiping left shows you more shortcuts to the different apps where more information will be depicted after you tap them.

Swiping down leads to a shortcut menu for brightness adjusting, turning on or off on ‘do not disturb’ and go to the music player option to play it. Back button is on the top of the Fit2 and home button is on the bottom of the Fit2. However, home button also brings up a list of the apps which can you scroll up or down as per your need.

Well, tapping a button in steady motion is okay but while you are exercising it is quite difficult. And a little bit annoying feature of the fit2 is post-exercise screen vanishes quickly after a few seconds of depiction on the display of the Samsung Gear Fit2. 

Oh! Don’t need to panic! You can always get those metrics on the S Health app on your phone.

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Main issue comes on Heart Rate monitoring when you go for intense workout, though it’s okay with normal activity level. This is also a main drawback for Gear Fit2. Heart rate tracking will come along GPS location, the distance, calories burned, pace, and run speed for every activity.

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Gear Fit2 – Activity Tracking

The finest part I chose of the Samsung Gear Fit2 is the auto-tracking, it can systematically track out steps, calories, sleep, squats time, bike riding, usage of a rowing machine, yoga time and register them accordingly in a 24-hour log to show you when you were with it, even the time of take off the Gear Fit2.

Calories burned in a day or within a prefixed period is a regular service, provided by fitness tracker. But what Samsung added in this regular feature is individual calories burned log with the annotation of your laborious workouts and easy round of workouts individually.

Gear Fit2 – Activity Tracking

Completing the target of water intake and limiting the caffeine intake is tough job for any athletes. It needs a lot of patience and practice to be habitual with this diet plan. Though the intake should be logged in manually to the S Health app of Gear Fit2, it will really help you to hit the target for water intake and control yourself for caffeine intake.

Gear Fit2 uses optical sensor to measure the heart rate data, as per trending optical heart rate monitoring in the activity tracker market. Well, Gear Fit2 also went with the trend of inconsistent hear rate for optical sensor using activity tracker. Comparing to Polar H7 and Fenix 3 HR heart rate data, the Fit2’s heart rate tracking is more confusing, within 2 to 10 beats per minute. Heart rate tracking for resting heart is yet seemed consistent with other fitness tracker.

Leading wearable companies, Garmin and Fitbit have faced less criticism for the heart rate in intense workout sessions, as the missing data reported to be between 2-5 bpm. While differences of up to 10bpm in normal workout sessions, Samsun Gear Fit2 is far behind in the Garmin and Fitbit for heart rate monitoring.

Sleep Tracking

Fit2 also can find out your sleeping style, sleeping or napping. Details information of your each activity tracking will be updated soon after the activity. The Gear Fit2 does not have any dedicated sleeping app in it, as it has for calories or steps. It just simply syncs every input in the S Health. Just for the Samsung Gear Fit2 review, I keep on the fit2 on my wrist for couple of nights while sleeping. It’s pretty good to identify the sleeping mode and sleep style perfectly, comparing other devices in the market.

Samsung Gear Fit2 – Fitness Tracking Review

In spite of having built-in GPS, Optical Sensor for Heart Rate Monitor, Gyroscope, Barometer and Accelerometer, Gear Fit2 faced queries for not having altimeter; for stair climbing data. Still, the Gear Fit2 can identify the time of walking up stairs.

Additionally, built-in GPS cut out the tension of carrying the phone with you in case of outdoor activities. Meanwhile as a fitness tracker Gear Fit2’s GPS is more accurate in distance tracing, a map of your activity route, for walking, running, biking route with running speed will be displayed on the screen.

Auto-tracking of the Gear Fit2 really works with perfection. It identifies the activity type and get started to track them, even it will stop tracking if you stop doing the exercise. However, if you start to walk in a rush it will start your tracking your pace, steps gone, calories burned with a vibration and the time depiction of start time of tracking.

If you want to select the activity type by yourself on the Fit2, it will start 3 seconds after the click. The Fit2 will track your GPS location, the distance you traveled, calories burned, speed, run speed and heart rate along with the selected activity tracking.

Goal setting for the selected activity is also possible on Gear Fit2. Goals vary according to desired pace, time length, distance or calories burned or you can erase all the goal setting for you or no selection of goals at all.For some activities like lunges and crunches also had a still image instruction for the user, seem to be a copy of Fitbit Blaze’s fitness app. Star jumps has been recently added to the fit2.

IP68 certification of Samsung Gear Fit2 is a new tactics of them to uniquely advertise their new tracker. IP68 certification indicates that the fit2 is water-resistant up to 50 meter but not rated for showers or swimming. Well, most of the swimmer uses swimming dedicated tracker to know the details results. Corporate people like us is satisfied with only water-resistant fitness tracker as most of the time we need to exercise on the land.

Accuracy level of tracking every activity level is pretty much satisfactory. Manually you can log in Water and Caffeine intake, which will help you to set a target for both types of water intake.

Performance and Features

Accuracy level of activity tracking is ensured by built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, barometer and accelerometer, making sure that you won’t have to carry out your phone.

512 MB RAM and 4GB storage with 1GHZ dual-core processor has made the Gear Fit2 quite quick to go through any features within the device. Swiping down will tell you the shortcut menu of brightness, ‘do not disturb’ option, music player, Bluetooth connectivity and battery level.

The internal storage helps you to listen music for free from your connected smartphone via Bluetooth headphones. Even it will let you any intervals in the workout sessions or notifications from the smartphone. You can also download the ‘Spotify” app on your phone to listen more music, changing and shuffling of the songs, even you can look out for the workout music, searching songs by albums or artists.

Amazing part is my Amazon Alexa speaker also can be controlled through the Samsung Gear Fit2 instead of my smart phone. It amazed me so much that I literally forgot the discomfort of carrying my phone in my pocket for ‘Spotify’s availability.

Gear Fit2 – Notifications and Apps

Gear Fit2 – Notifications and Apps

Then comes the notifications management of your smartphone, text, calls, email. Apps and calendar. Pre-written replies and emoticons are also available and identifying best activity tracker features of the Fit2, while anyone is calling or messaging you. Double tapping of the screen changes the font on the display, first tapping enlarge the fonts to see them and the other tapping shrink them to normal size.

S health app is a user-friendly app where summary of all activity tracking is kept, steps, sleep and calories burned and more in one place, you can just go through them by scrolling up or down after electing the option. The Gear manager app manages the watch faces, specific apps and settings for the Gear Fit2. Till now, more than 100 new and eight apps are available in the online.

Gear Fit2 also give motivational alert if you have been at rest for too long, or if you go up more floors or be more active than prior days. Additionally, S Health is a great encouragement for both exercise and daily activity to remind you to be more hard working and more consistent with your daily routine.

Battery and Compatibility

Battery life of any fitness tracker always varies to the usage of the device on the GPS mood or as a regular wearable. Samsung claimed that gear Fit2’s 200 mAh battery should last up to 3-4 days, or max 5 days if you are kind to the usage. Well, in my case it last for maximum 3 days, a little bit shorter battery life comparing to other fitness tracker in the market. However, I turned off all the social app notification except the slack notification on the watch.

Gear fit 2 needs about an hour or more depending on the rest of the battery life of the device. Provided USB cable can keep the device charging on your desk.

Gear fit2 developed its compatibility comparing to the previous one, yet compatible with Android 4.4 and above running smartphones. Besides, apple users are also deprived of the chance to use it.​

Final Verdict

The excellencies of the Fit2 are without presence of the altimeter identification of your stair walking up, depiction of map of your running or biking route on the display, goal setting for your every activity tracking which is also a common for best activity trackers and visual instruction on some limited activity, like crunches and lunges. You can swipe through the screens to view every details of each activity.

Samsung Gear fit2 is more than an average best activity tracker for being your companion in daily workouts. Affordable price, comfortability on the wrist, built-in GPS and latest features, and the handsome display will meet up to the benchmark of being a best activity tracker, whereas the low battery life, less compatibility options, corrupted heart rate tracking in intense workout will discourage you for the Fit2. If you are new comer in the fitness tracker world you will be easily pumped to buy it aside its lacking, while the regular users of fitness tracker will certainly give second thought prior to buy it.​

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