Garmin Fenix 2 Review & Guide

Garmin Fenix 2 Review & Guide

Garmin Fenix 2 Review

One can go in extend to fulfill their dream or if it’s about fitness than he or she can do anything (only if one is damn serious). For fitness training and to know all the tricks and terms the first thing one does is go to the gym or who cannot afford they do lots of recharge on that. Then follow that instruction, strictly and once they gain all the tricks than they go for that of their own. For own training, one need to have that exact device which will help in their own training and this something very tough to choose that right device. No worries, when there is Garmin. Yes, Garmin has brought up another new model Garmin Fenix 2 GPS sports watch and you will not go to face any problems as you will not have a shortage of any of the Garmin’s products.

germain fenix 2 box

Garmin Fenix 2 is the watch which more than an average run tracker than yours. This time, Garmin Fenix 2 has aimed to bring some serious multi-sports fan and this is capable to track anything from the running to cross country skiing or indoor sports event. This Garmin Fenix 2 is the watch is not just for runner, swimmers, snowboarders, hikers. I would say, Garmin Fenix 2 is the watch for the people who want a watch which can track almost every athletic lifestyle.

Why Choose Garmin Fenix 2 The Ultimate Guide

This is a watch for the Multi sport athletes and a full-featured training watch and I think this could be an accurate description for this Garmin Fenix 2. In Garmin Fenix 2, there is a high sensitivity GPS radio, an altimeter, barometer, 3-axis compass, accelerometer, and a thermometer, both Bluetooth radios and ANT+. Not only this, this Garmin Fenix 2 is also excellent for running, riding, hiking, paddling, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, triathlon, but I really wish it could work on skydiving.

Garmin Fenix 2


Not everyone can afford to buy different watch for different activities like if you are a regular outdoorsy. If someone can afford so still will not like to have so many watches laying on their wardrobe’s drawer as it’s really a pain. All this pain has been grabbed by the Garmin Fenix 2 as it is known as the ‘one in all’ or ‘one watch to rule them all’.Garmin Company has already killed it with their GPS lately.

Design of the Garmin Fenix 2

Garmin Fenix 2 Overview

Garmin Fenix 2 Overview

Some describe this Garmin Fenix 2 as a big this is because it weighs at a cool 3 ounces. This is round and thick and looks a miniature hockey puck with the wrist straps. Garmin Fenix 2 can work as a weapon and I am saying so because a puck to someone’s face, it will give a black eye or one may lost tooth. So better not to puck to someone’s face as a fun. As the strap is of rubber, it will help to stabilize the watch’s heft. It can also spread pressure onto your wrist more evenly. In perspective to physical hardware, it’s more like the original Fenix. Like the tweak color of the buttons, the hardware is also same on the outside. The change has been made in the button functionality where the up button is now the start/down button and the down button is where the back button was then. It has sense and you will understand when you will use it.

Backlight and others

Color of the Garmin Fenix 2’s backlight is deep red, though it will not give as bright light as the Indigo style backlight. But it evenly gives light and has, the less prone and will not screw your night vision when you are camping or running at night which is a very important feature.

Fitbit Alta slim design

You can charge your Garmin Fenix 2 via a USB cable which has the proprietary docking clip on the end of the USB cable. This Garmin Fenix 2’s USB cable, you can upload your data and this clip has some fidgeting just to have the proper connection. Garmin Fenix 2 is totally waterproof to 164 feet and you would probably like to upload your data via iOS or with Android app.

ABC Function for Garmin Fenix2

The full form of an ABC is Altimeter-Barometer-Compass. This is a dual-axis and I can read from any angle of the watch and the accuracy is just something I love. This ABC of the Garmin Fenix 2 will give you much more confidence than the any other unreliable one Suunto put in the core. Garmin Fenix 2 has come up with the pre-calibrated compass in the factory and it has given the exact reading from any angle every time. It’s a digital compass example, which gives me confident reasonably. Though no one can beat the old fashioned plate compass and one should always use as primary in term of navigation. But the compass reading of the Garmin Fenix 2 is very impressive.

Garmin Fenix 2 Compass

Garmin Fenix 2 Compass

The Alti-baro measures both the barometric and altitude pressure with the use of air pressure. For the accurate readings Garmin Fenix 2 needs to know the current altitude or need to tell the air pressure at the sea level. Higher the level you go the air pressure becomes lower. Normally for the correct altitude, it is easy to calibrate as the maps, iPhone apps and GPS are the many ways to determine. In this Garmin Fenix 2 you set the calibrated altitude both manually or automatically through the GPS while you are doing your activities. For calibrating via GPS, there are two options: at the start or continuously.


  • Buttons of the Garmin Fenix 2 are easy to navigate via different features and menus.
  • ​Feature modes are great and you would be able to customize heavily.
  • ​The color scheme of Fenix 2 will give you a military feel.
  • It has the vibration notification feature.
  • ​Functions of the Garmin Fenix 2 performs well.
  • ​The watch does what exactly GPS supposed to do


  • It takes time to find satellite signals.
  • Just like the satellite, sensors also take longer time.
  • Strap switching is a little bit frustrating and also nerve wracking.


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Garmin Fenix 2 Special Edition

Summary of Fenix 2 Review

I think this Garmin Fenix 2 is an excellent watch with some minor slights. Its amazing features and the functions of Fenix 2 watch will drew you to go outside more and more. Which I found it really true and as I have the ability, so that I can put the waypoints onto my wrist I have the imagination to get myself to get out for the lot more geocaching. There is also a possibility for some more meaningful running, jogging and walking. A worth watch for any outdoor person and a cool gadget and it will keep in touch around the world. Garmin Fenix 2 review has the ability to combine the form and the function with ease to upload all your workouts even with an iPhone without the need of worrying. With wholehearted, I do suggest for this Garmin Fenix 2 and also with special recommendations for a Multisport athlete.

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