Garmin Approach X40 Review & Guide

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Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Watch Review:

The declaration of Garmin Approach X40 is an effort of Garmin to spread their services with devices, which will serve the fitness freaks not only for sport purposes but also for automotive, aviation, marine and outdoor activities. In this context, they recently announced new Garmin X40, wearable golf band, which blends GPS course data with a heart rate monitor. Garmin Vice President of worldwide sales, Dan Bartel proudly announced that “We are thrilled to combine our golf technology and activity tracking into one sleek device.

Garmin Approach X40 Golf Watch

The Garmin X40 Golf Watch is a perfect device for golfers to get information about the distances on the courses and trace wellness data without the hassle of switching between multiple devices. Well, that describes the most of the special specification of Garmin Approach X40 golf watch

Garmin X40 gps golf watch

Built in high Sensitivity GPS of the slim and lightweight Approach X40, calculates green and hazards like sand bunkers and ponds on over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. Your hacks around the course can be enrolled on the Garmin X40, with the help of AutoShot features, same as Approach S20. Green View feature depicts the shape of green on each hole and helps golfers to place the pin manually for more accurate yardages.Post-round analysis can be done by uploading the data to Garmin Connect. The band is also paired with TruSwing sensor, a device that measures the data using various swing metrics and shows the data captured by the sensor directly on the band.

Garmin Approach X40 review

Additionally, Approach X40 has the feature of fitness tracker along with other golf specifications. The device is incorporated sunlight readable screen with water resistance. The Garmin X40 works through all weather conditions, from sunny days to rainstorms, which usually a golfer may face. The Garmin X40 provides 24/7 heart rate monitoring and other notifications from smartphones, as well as measures steps, distance, calories burned, sleep and heart rate.

​In the Box of Garmin X40

  • Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf watch.
  • Charging clip.
  • Manual

After purchase Garmin X40 you can get more help from user manual, also from web version and pdf version.

Why to Choose Garmin Approach X40 Ultimate Guide & Review

Garmin Approach X40 Overview

Garmin X40 overview

Start with Approach X40

Before using the X40 GPS golf watch, it needs to be charged completely via USB charger and pressed until the “Click” sound be heard. Features, data screens, and menus can be controlled by scrolling the touchscreen of the device. The device key is for to lock the screen and turn the Approach X40 on and off by holding the key for a bit. Menus can be opened and closed by pressing the key and to go back to the previous screen within menus.

Approach X40 Menu Icons :

Approach X40 Menu Icons

Garmin Approach X40 Pairing with The Device :

To receive the innermost services of the Approach X40 GPS golf watch, the device needs to be paired with user’s usual device. If you are going to use your smartphone for getting notifications, download and install the latest version of the Garmin Connect Mobile App. It can simply be installed on your smartphones by following the on screen instruction shown on your smartphone.To get your current data on your Garmin Connect Mobile app, you have to sync device and your smartphone both, by bringing them within 3 m (10 ft). And select the icon Sync.

Garmin X40 Review : How to Pair with Smartphone

In case of your computer, you need to download the Garmin Express Application from Garmin Connect website, by plugging the USB cable to your computer. On – screen instructions will help you to set up the software and sync your data on the Garmin connect application.

During golf play

From my point of view to Garmin X40 review the GPS golf watch is specially designed for golfers. It’s golf features are user-friendly and designed to help a non-golfer to become a regular golfer.

Garmin X40 Golf Icons :

Garmin X40 golf icons

The device will detect satellites and figure out your location, within 30 to 60 seconds, when you select the icon. And above-listed icons describe the features to play on the golf ground. You just need to press the device key and select the option from the menu.

For regular activities

The Approach X40 GPS golf watch is also helpful to regulate your daily fitness activity. To note down your timed activity, press the device key and select the icon to get the option and follow the on – screen instruction to enable or disable them. Various icons illustrate various device features, while some features may need a paired smartphone to operate.

Garmin X40 Smart Feature Icons :

Approach X40 Menu Icons

Features of Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin X40 Golf Guide :

The Approach X40 measure the distances to the front, middle and back of each green, bunker and water hazards, including yardage to the hole and more.

Smart Notifications

Besides, being a golf watch Garmin X40 also works as a wireless extension of any competent smart device, which will show smart notifications from smartphones ringing in the bag. The Approach X40 device helps you to read your most awaited email or text, even in the middle of the fairway.

Green View Feature & AutoShot Tracking
Garmin X40 autoshot tracking

Green View feature of Garmin X40 golf watch depicts the true shape and layout of the green, yet when it’s out of sight. You can move your pin location to shoot clearly with the exact plan, with this feature on Garmin X40 golf watch.

AutoShot Tracking of Garmin Approach X40 golf watch, gauge and records the distances shot for post-round analysis and averages distances for each club, longest drive per round and overall.

Activity Tracking

Garmin x40

The Garmin Approach X40 golf watch will count steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and daily activity properly, of the user without being on the golf field.

Heart Rate Technology

Users fitness activity can be uplifted by getting information on calories burned, without wearing the heart rate strap, simply having the Garmin X40 golf watch on the wrist. This heart rate technology allows getting the heart rate at the wrist 24/7, is an advancement of Garmin X40 from other Approaches provided by the Garmin.

Auto Goal

The Approach X40 will observe your activity level regularly and then will set a daily step goal, for your daily improvement as a golfer.

Sleep monitoring

Alike Approach S20, X40 GPS watch also monitors sleep statistics including total hours of sleep, sleep level, and sleep movements. Normal sleep hours can be set on Garmin Connect Account from the user settings.

Move bar

The move become visible after one hour of inactivity to regulate your metabolic state, which can be caused if you are not active in that hour.

Garmin Connect

It’s an obvious feature for all the Garmin Products. Players can improve their track on game for every course they play, as Garmin’s free online golf community allows the users to compare their played rounds, by downloading from the Garmin Connect. Moreover, you can get your ideal 18 for a course, incorporating your best score for each hole, what will be done on Garmin Connect Golf app.

Digital Scorecard

This feature of Garmin Approach X40 golf watch, simply keeps track of your score throughout each round, and your scorecard can be easily shared with your online friends on Garmin connect.

Favorable with TruSwing Sensor Metrics

The Garmin Approach X40 golf watch is compatible with TruSwing Sensor Metrics, sold separately, also compatible with smartphone and tablets. This feature allows you to access real-time, 3-D animations and other useful swings metrics to review the mechanics affecting ball flight and shot results. Besides, you can analyze swing temp, speed, club path measurements, critical club angles and more at once, by using Garmin Connect Mobile Golf App.

Free Course Updates

Preloaded 40,000 courses are available in Garmin Approach X40 golf watch, additionally, new courses and updates are added each year, without setup charge, fees or subscription.

Searching lost Smartphone

The Garmin Approach X40 GPS golf band will find your lost smartphone, which has to be paired with the device previously, within its range and connected by Bluetooth wireless technology. The Approach X40 device will show you Bluetooth signal strength and an audible alert sound can be heard from your smartphone, which will increase when you will be near to your smartphone.

Common Features of Garmin Approach x40

Approach X40 Review


The lean and light Garmin Approach X40 golf watch is available in market, in Black, White, Gray and frost blue.

Battery life

Garmin Approach X40 golf watch can get up to 10 hours with GPS mode on the rechargeable Li-ion Battery. Meanwhile, it can get up to 5 days in watch mode with activity tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and smart notifications enabled.

Screen Resolution

1-inch touch screen of Garmin Approach X40 is readable in bright sunlight and fonts are also big to check the vibration alerts of incoming calls, texts, emails and more. LCD screen of Approach X40 golf watch is capable of showing easily readable information comparing to another fitness tracker LCD screen.

Charging Clips

Cords clips are on the watch so get connected properly, using a USB connection rather than plugging into a wall socket.

Sunrise and sunset

The time for sunrise and sunset can be seen on your GPS X40 watch.

Music controls

Music player of your smartphone can be regulated with Approach X40 GPS watch.


  • Slim and lightweight, comparing to another Garmin Approach model.
  • Serves as both, Golf-tracker and normal activity tracker.
  • Full package of innovative features for the health and activity monitoring.Waterproof up to 5ATm (50 meters).
  • The automatic shot detection works fairly well.
  • Receive smart notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails and other vibration alerts directly on the palm of your hand.


  • Approach X40 sometimes does not record calories burn correctly.
  • Sometimes have to press the watch to get the connection.
  • Syncing with the app fails sometimes for no reason.
  • The rounds cannot be edited mid of the score tracking.

Final Verdict

Garmin believes that they have created a solution for active golfers everywhere, as it’s blended technologies, as a specialist sport tracking tech, of Approach X40 GPA Golf Watch, are useful to users when they are not playing. Its non-golf features make it more appealing to the people, who are technology freak. Automatic syncing with the connected device removes the hassle of transferring fitness data from one device to another.

To avoid inconsistent heart rate, Garmin has suggested to avoid using sunscreen under the device, ensure the cleanness and dryness of your arm and to wear it above the wrist bone. Most importantly, you need to wash your device with fresh water after each workout.

To maximize battery life of Approach X40 GPS watch, Garmin also has suggested to turn off Auto-On Backlight settings, smart notifications, Bluetooth wireless technology when you are not using any of them. Additionally, you should reduce the backlight brightness or limit appearance of notifications on your Approach X40 device from smartphone notification center.

The X40 Golf watch is smaller than TomTom Golfer and Garmin’s own Approach S20. The band is relatively similar to Garmin’s Vivosmart HR, except the AutoShot round analyzer and Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology, and a little bulky compared to normal Fitness trackers, such as Fitbit Alta or Jawbone Up2, but noticeably slim compared to other devices with GPS.

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