Best Activity Tracker Reviews for 2017

A lot of consideration and research you need to do for buying yours best activity tracker for all purposes. For saving your time, we here enlisted top 11 best activity tracker reviews for 2017, while the market is over flooded with such activity trackers. Not only the research but also the real-time reviews is essential, as manufacturer claims can differ when the device is used.

Besides, features of the devices, individual demands and activity level also act as a factor, when choosing best activity trackers from numbers of bands and models, such as Fitbit, Garmin and Misfit.

In comparison to prior activity trackers, newest brands offer  built-in heart rate monitors, increased sensors, waterproofing, GPS and smartphone notifications, which also confuse the customer among activity trackers, running watches and smartwatches. Ease of use, battery life and syncing software for your phone or PC.

What is an Activity Tracker?

An activity tracker is such a device or software, which traces your daily activities including steps walked or run, calories burned, heartbeat and sleeping movement. Most of the activity trackers now come as smartwatches or apps in your smartphone. Improvement in activity trackers gradually happened, when people started to use those activity trackers for running, cycling, swimming and even in their daily morning walk.

Why Use an Activity Tracker?

Activity trackers will trace your daily activity systematically to help you to be fit all day long. The device trace daily steps count, calories burned through moving and top of that, analyses your daily activity and sets a goal for maximizing your activity. That’s the main and one and only reason for user to buy a fitness tracker to live a healthy and long life.

Our top 11 best activity tracker for 2017 review will help you to plan your hectic daily life in a healthy day eventually.

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Factors for an Activity Tracker

Different designs from different brands are now available in the market. Activity trackers now come in a form of a smart watch or can be worn on clips or in pockets. Moreover, some trackers can be worn like a pendant around your neck. Check out the existing designs for your chosen type best activity tracker.

The device should be waterproof, even it is not for swimming. Because, your activity tracker will be the best activity tracker, when it will work in any weather condition. If your budget is a constraint, then you should go for a water-resistant activity tracker.

Heart rate Tracking is now common in most if the best activity tracker. But the difference comes in terms of other additional features compatible with heart rate tracking, such as tracing heart rate for 24/7, remarks on your resting heart when sleeping, heart rate for 24/7 bpm readings, live monitoring of activities and latest VO2 Max.

Most advanced one’s trace your heart rate variability to be well prepared for your next training session.

Screen of your fitness tracker should be in your wrist. Best activity tracker is meant to be not an interruption during your working out. So, the screen should come in form of a wrist watch or clip which can be held in your hand or pocket during working out session. And obviously, quality of the screen should be standard up to the best activity tracker available in the market.

However, pricing of the tracker with a display can be out of your budget, so think harder and long!

Data provision of activity tracker is a big factor when considering to buy the best one. Counting on steps and sleeping movement are two vital features of trackers. However, a best activity tracker gives data on your workouts, cycling, running, swimming, despite you are giving direction on what you are doing every time.

Well, additional data means additional costs. So do a huge research for that time.

Synchronization of chosen activity tracker should be checked with your smartphones. The best activity tracker supposed to have the mobile app that will give you detailed information on your workouts, set your goals based on the information and keep the statistics in phone storage or in website account.

 Battery Life of the activity tracker is undoubtedly an important factor, as the activity trackers are designed to help you to re-routine your daily life to be fit without any hassle. Best activity trackers available in the market can be subdivided into two section: some of them have to charge in every five day and some other have a built-in battery, which will last for 6 months.

But the crucial point is some other bands offer more metrics, despite they need to charge every day. So, think twice before make a choice!

Limitations of the activity tracker is that; without GPS, they cannot give a total report on your speed or distance during running or cycling. Another one is, specific fitness tracker will not give you detailed information of your performance, such as tracker dedicated for swimming, Zumba and Pilates will only give you data related to heart rate and calories burned.

Considering above factors we have enlisted top 11 best activity tracker in this review from various leading brands; Garmin, Fitbit, Moov Now, Polar and Samsung, despite many more are available in the market